Message from the Managing Trustee

The Little Flower Education Centre is in the field of education for over 80 years. During the last 8 decades, we have strived to be abreast with the changes in the education system and have done pretty well. Today the education system is no longer about just ‘Chalk and Blackboard’ or just books or for that matter only confined to the classroom, hence a holistic approach is a must.

The Little Flower Education Centre helps to expose its students to the outside world. It encourages the students to look beyond acquiring knowledge, but, to comprehend and appreciate what is read, spoken and taught.. We do use technology- but ‘technology’ is used as a tool to ignite the imagination of the students.

The Little Flower’ Polytechnic and The L.F. College of Engineering and Management SM help train students to develop themselves and prepare for the future. In fact, our Mission Statement is- ‘Total Formation for a Better Future’ emphasizes this trend of thinking and development. Yes, we ‘push’ our students to go beyond academics, to look around, to think on their feet- we train them to realize their full potential, face competition and the future with confidence, courage and conviction to achieve their goals.

Our students are polite, well -behaved and fun to be with. We are sure that as they go out into the world, they would become not only good citizens of India but will be globally employable, globally useful and globally acceptable. They will not only make their parents and the institute proud, but will be the torch bearers for others.

We provide every student ample opportunities, tools, encouragement and confidence to soar high. All they have to do is to reach out.

Mr. Ladislaus Pereiera

Managing Trustee